Richard Daley Center Pandemic Screening Summary

Exterior Plaza

  • ¬†Tented Queuing stations for public and visitors will be on the Southwest side of the building. Visitors will be lined up according to social distancing decals on the ground.
  • Tented Queuing stations for tenants and employees will be on the Southeast side of the building. Tenants will be lined up according to social distancing decals on the ground.
  • Security staff will be patrolling the queuing area, answering questions, and encouraging visitors to scan a QR code that will provide information of the building’s screening process and PPE requirements
  • Tenants and visitors will be asked several health screening questions prior to building entry
  • Tenants and visitors will be required to wear a mask or face covering. If mask or face covering is not available, one will be provided by securty staff

Interior Lobby

  • Once in the lobby, tenants and visitors will undergo temperature screening
  • If temperature readings exceed CDC requirements of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit, a secondary temperature screening area will be approximately 10-15 feet away from the initial temperature screening station
  • If temperature readings at both screening stations exceed CDC requirements, tenants/visitors will be required to complete a form with their contact information and reason for visit. This information will be provided to the tenant and the tenant will be immediately notified of the access denial
  • When tenants and visitors pass the temperature screening, typical security screening will be performed by the Cook County Sheriffs at the normal locations in the North lobby
  • Tenants and visitors will access the lobby elevators as normal. We recommend elevator use be limited to 2-3 users at a time.
  • When departing the building, tenants and visitors will be required to use the North lobby revolving doors only. South lobby doors will be used for screening and ingress only