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The Richard J. Daley Center is excited to announce the reception of yet another TOBY (The Office Building of the Year) Award from the Building Owners and Managers Association of Chicago (BOMA).

This year's award marks the fourth TOBY given to the Daley Center since 2001 and emphasizes the building’s excellence in:

• Tenant relations
• Personnel education
• Renovation execution
• Emergency preparedness
• Security services
• Community involvement
• General service excellence

The illustrious building, owned by the Public Building Commission of Chicago and managed by MB Real Estate, was also the recipient of the 2003 Midwest Regional TOBY, the 2002 Chicago TOBY, and the 2001 Chicago TOBY, all for Best Government Building of the Year.

 The success achieved by the Daley Center in winning numerous awards is derived through the dedication of it's owner the Public Building Commission of Chicago, the tenants of the building, and it's staff.  The PBCC sets the tone by expecting the building to be maintained and run at the highest standards.  The facility management provided by MB Real Estate emphasizes best practices throughout all of the services rendered.  The combination of high objectives and best practices are then carried out by a very motivated staff and dedicated team of service organizations that take a great deal of pride in the excellent work performed throughout the Richard J. Daley Center.

The Daley Center would like to thank both management and tenants alike in continuing the building’s distinct legacy. Steadfast efforts in achieving management objectives and healthy relationships with the building's tenants made this award possible.



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