When you think about seeing the Richard J. Daley Center in a movie, you may immediately think of the 1980 classic, The Blues Brothers. Certainly no film since has featured the Daley Center so prominently, or with so much artillery.

Our facilities have seen helicopter landings, armored tanks, police chases, bus crashes, gun-wielding criminals and elderly characters hogging the pay phones. However, every movie that has been filmed in our facilities has the cast and crew of The Blues Brothers to thank for opening the door for them.

Robert K. Weiss, Producer: “The Blues Brothers was really the first big picture to shoot in Chicago since [Mayor Richard J.] Daley had passed away…we met with Mayor Jane Byrne. We had met with her to say how happy we were to be shooting in Chicago and so forth, and so she asked was there anything she could do for us.”

John Landis, Director: “Mayor Byrne was very instrumental. And there were other people in high places…it was amazing the cooperation we got from the whole city.”

Here at the Daley Center, we embrace filmmakers who help generate jobs for our community and stimulate our local economy…welcome to Chicago!