Where is the Daley Center?
The Richard J. Daley Center occupies the city block bound by Randolph, Clark, Washington and Dearborn Streets. The address is 50 West Washington.

You can reach the Richard J. Daley Center at:
50 W Washington St, Chicago, IL 60602

What are the operating hours for the facility?
The Daley Center is operational from 8:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. The pedway is open from 6 am until 6 pm to provide underground access between the CTA and City Hall/County Building.

What should I expect when I arrive?
The Cook County Sheriff secures the building during normal business hours. Individuals entering the facility are required to pass through security check points. These check points consist of magnetometers and x-ray machines. Everyone will be expected to remove their belts and empty their pockets of all metal objects (keys, coins, cigarettes, cell phones, etc) prior to walking through the magnetometer. Purses, briefcases, and all packaged items will be passed through the x-ray machine. Cameras, pocket knives, small tools, knitting needles, mace, and recording devices are not allowed into the facility. If in doubt, leave it at home.

How can I access the building by public transportation?
The Daley Center may be reached by all public transit bus and rail routes which service the Chicago Loop. Additional information may be found at the RTA Travel Information Center at (312) 836-7000.

Is the Daley Center handicap accessible?
Yes. We can provide assistance to those physically challenged individuals who may require it. Inquire for assistance with building security or at the information booths located in the east/west lobby.

How do I obtain information about my next court date?
Click here for information on how to get your court date by text or email.

Are children allowed inside a courtroom?
Yes. Although the Circuit Court of Cook County offers the Children’s Advocacy Room, a safe and nurturing environment where children may stay while their parents or guardians attend court proceedings. Games, books, toys, arts and crafts along with other appropriate materials selected to meet a wide range of needs are offered. The Children’s Advocacy Room is located in room 1309 on the 13th floor.

Are private rooms available for nursing mothers?
The Circuit Court of Cook County makes lactation rooms available to nursing mothers who must visit courthouses in the city and suburbs.

Nursing mothers who are called for jury duty can request access to a private space upon their arrival to the Jury Assembly Room in any court location. Employees of the Office of Jury Administration will direct individuals to these spaces upon request.

For nursing mothers who visit courthouses for any other purpose, private lactation room spaces are available in the following locations:

Richard J. Daley Center
50 W. Washington St., Suite 400-E
Chicago, IL 60602

To use the Daley Center lactation room, contact the Office of the Chief Judge reception desk at (312) 603-6000. The receptionist will direct you to the lactation room where you will be met by building security who will unlock the door.

How can I coordinate a tour?
Tours are conducted by the Circuit Court of Cook County. Contact the Circuit Court’s Office of Public Affairs at (312) 603-1928.

How can I book the plaza for an event?
The Daley Center Plaza is an open air venue that may be used for various civic or cultural events. We accept applications for use of the plaza on a first come, first serve basis. Applications must be received by the Special Events Coordinator no later than 30 days prior to an event. Certificates of insurance may be required and should meet the requirements put forth in the Guidelines. Reimbursement charges may apply to certain events. The Application for Permit and Guidelines for events on the plaza can be found under the Events section.

Can I pay tickets by phone?
Yes. Prior to calling, you must know the traffic ticket number or case number, the amount due, the provider #, and the Product ID #. Click here for step by step instructions on how to pay by phone.

Where do I get a bond refund? – Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 1005, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 3975

Where do I go for child support enforcement? – 28 North Clark Street, Room 200
Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 2000

Where is the children’s advocacy room? – Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 1309, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 6252

Where can I obtain a copy of my divorce papers– Clerk of the Circuit Court
Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 802, Chicago, IL 60602

Questions concerning jury duty : – Circuit Court of Cook County,
Office of Jury Administration, Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 5417

Where is the law library – What are the hours?
Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 2900, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 5423
Hours: Mon – Fri 8:30am to 7pm, Sat. 12:30pm to 4:30pm, Sun. Closed

Where is marriage & family counseling
Marriage & Family Counseling CAR ( – 69 West Washington, Suite 1000, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603-1540

Where do I get name change information? – Clerk of the Circuit Court, Richard J. Daley Center, Suite 802, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 5133

Where do I get an order of protection? – Clerk of the Circuit Court, 555 West Harrison Street, Chicago, IL 60607

Where do I get a picnic permit – Forest Preserve District of Cook County, 536 North Harlem Avenue, River Forest, IL 60305
Recreation Department, Monday – Friday 8AM-4PM

Where can I pay my real estate taxes ? – Cook County Treasurer’s Office, 118 North Clark,  Room 112, Chicago, IL 60602
312 443-5100

Where can I register to vote? – Cook County Voter Registration, Chicago & suburbs
312 269 7960 (Chicago) – 312 603 0906 (Suburbs)

Where can I obtain:
Birth, Death, Marriage Certificates
Business Registration
Information on Election & Voter Registration
Notary Registration – Cook County Clerk’s Office, County Building
118 North Clark Street, Lower Level, Chicago, IL 60602
312 603 5656

Where can I obtain:
Business Licenses
Chicago City Vehicle Stickers
Dog Licenses
Going Out of Business Info
Residential Parking Permits – Office of the City Clerk, City of Chicago – CITY HALL
121 North LaSalle Street, Chicago, IL 60602
312 744 6861